Xtreme Jade

Xtreme Jade 1.0

Jade Dynasty has a wide variety of weapons, armor and various accessories!
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This game has it all, clan and alliance system, alliance wars, battlegrounds and LOTS more. Not only is this MMO free, but it actually gives back to the players!
You can embark on THOUSANDS of quests with your friends and clan members. Jade Dynasty also has a wide variety of weapons, armor and various accessories! Jade Dynasty also has rideable mounts, skyswords, and pets that aid you in battle.

Main features:

- XP Rates X500
- Gold Rates X30
- Drop Rates X30
- Up to 6 on the same mount
- Massive Item Mall
- 5 Different classes
- Blow minding graphics
- Auto pathing
- BOT system
- Pets
- Mounts & Flying Mounts
- Battlegrounds
- Master & Disciples system
- Refining
- Faction
- Many social interactions.

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